Monday, February 9, 2009

We Flip!

The last two weekends we've spent traveling with Emma and then Parker to their respective gymnastics' meets.  Emma's was in Houston and it was the Mary Lou Retton Invitational!  Of course, this was most exciting to all the parents...not sure the kids really knew who she was until we tried to share the thrill.  This event was celebrating 25 years since she won Olympic Gold.  I can't believe that was 25 years ago.  My how the time just flies!  This was Emma's last meet of the season.  I tried taking some video with my camera, but it is really grainy so I won't torture you with that.  But, here's Mary Lou giving Emma her medal and happy Emma saluting!

Mary Lou_edited













Parker had his very first competition this weekend and he did so well!  He didn't even look nervous!  We traveled to Boerne for this competition.  Boys gymnastics is very different than girls apart from the obvious!  We have lots to learn about the rules and other things like how the scores compare...Girl's scores are out of 10, boys are out of 15 or so...we're still not completely sure.  Plus, they can get bonus points for doing skills that aren't required for their routines.  They have 6 events instead of 4.  This first meet was VERY LONG!!!!  :-) Here is Parker after the competition.


Parker's next competition is in 2 weeks here in Austin.  He's really looking forward to it!  I'm told not all boy's meets are quite as long...I'm looking forward to that!

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