Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Life of Riley

rileyWe're feeling an emptiness in our house and in our hearts this week.  We had the sad task of saying goodbye to our sweet Riley girl on Thursday.

Riley joined our family nearly 14 years ago as a rambunctious, happy-go-lucky, cuter than anything puppy!  While we were playing and cuddling with our new baby, we heard this song  by the Lightning Seeds  and we knew Riley would be the perfect name for her!

My Project 6-007

Riley learned much from her big sister Bandit and we are so happy they now get to play and be together again!  Riley was the first to teach us about waking up throughout the night to take care of our babies - first her, then Emma and Parker and much later, Shadow.  She was a great big sister to Emma and Parker, many cats and Shadow; always showing seemingly endless patience, a calm playfulness and unconditional love.  She tried teaching Shadow  (the newest member of the family) manners whenever the opportunity presented. Riley really had a way with the feline members of our particular she and Bobalu had a truly special bond.  She single-handedly convinced Bobalu (who didn’t want anything to do with us initially) that people (us!) were okay! :-)  Riley loved long naps, taking walks, playing ball, rubbing her belly along the grass (or dirt or leaves), eating, steak bones, anything that belonged to Shadow, getting brushed, and getting her ears and chin rubbed.  Riley never knew a stranger; two-legged or four-legged.  She welcomed everyone as a new friend and shared her love without hesitation.    She had a happy life and truly experienced "The Life of Riley".  We loved her so much and and are grateful she was part of our family.  She will always remain in our hearts and our memories.

My Project 6-004

Riley in her younger years: teaching Waffles to play tug-war; attempting to swim in the tub (she wanted to be in there for real!); sneaking some couch time – “If I look cute maybe they won’t notice I’m up here”; and relaxing and keeping watch with Bandit.

My Project 6-009

Such a beautiful and sweet girl (Bobalu close by); Playing in the snow with Shadow; teaching Shadow to mind his manners; tolerating a little cuddling with Shadow; and rubbing the belly!

Rest in peace sweet Riley girl!  We love you!


Joan said...

So sweet to hear about your dear sweet Riley and sorry to hear she is no longer with you for this earthly life. You will all be together again one day. Thanks for sharing.

Your friend,

The O'Connor Family said...

What a gorgeous puppy you had. So sorry Jane.

Jane said...

The link for Bandit's tribute isn't working correctly:

Joanne said...

The thing that I remember the most about Riley is how sweet she was, and that TAIL! She had the whap-whap-iest tail of any dog I had ever seen. Rest in peace, sweet girl.